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Welcome from Mr. Van Natter

Hello Meadowbrook Families-


My name is Ryan Van Natter. I’m excited that I get to come to Meadowbrook next year as the principal. I have already heard many great things about the students, staff, and community at Meadowbrook, and I look forward to getting to know you all.


This is my eighth year as principal at West Clinton Elementary. Prior to that I worked as an assistant at Syracuse Junior High, Lincoln Elementary, King Elementary, and Crestview Elementary. Before going into administration, I taught English and Spanish at Centerville Jr. High and Woods Cross High. I’ve also worked with the Native American summer school, migrant school, and Title 1 before and after school programs.


I live in South Weber with my wife, Marianne, and our six children. My wife, a former third grade spends her time between volunteering at the school and taking care of our kids. We have three boys and three girls from ages 4 to 13. We both grew up in Davis County and have a great love for education. I enjoy reading, playing games, watching movies, and doing fun things with my family.


As principal, I hope to earn your trust and friendship. Parents, I will do my best to take care of your children as if they were my own. I will listen, try to understand, and act fairly. I strongly believe that children deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of the situation. I want you to feel comfortable reaching out to me with questions and concerns. You can talk to me, email, call, or text any time (; 801-425-7499).




Hola familias de Meadowbrook:


Mi nombre es Ryan Van Natter. Estoy animado de venir a Meadowbrook el año que viene como el director. Ya he escuchado tantas buenas cosas acerca de los estudiantes, los empleados, y la comunidad de Meadowbrook, y espero conocerles a todos.


Este año cumpliré ocho como director de West Clinton Elementary. Antes era asistente director en Syracuse Junior High, Lincoln Elementary, King Elementary, y Crestview Elementary. Antes de trabajar en administración, enseñaba el inglés y el español en Centerville Jr. High y Woods Cross High. También trabajaba en la escuela de verano de los nativos americanos, la escuela migrante, y los programs antes y después de la escuela de Título 1.


Vivo en South Weber con mi esposa, Marianne, y nuestros seis hijos. Mi esposa, una ex-maestra de tercer grado, pasa el tiempo de voluntaria en la escuela a al cuidar a nuestros hijos. Tenemos tres niños y tres niñas de edad 4 a 13. Nosotros dos crecimos en el condado Davis y temenos una pasión por la educación. Me gusta leer, jugar juegos, mirar películas, y hacer cosas divertidas con mi familia.


Como director, espero gana su confianza y amistad. Padres, haré lo major que pueda para cuidar a sus hijos como si fueron míos. Yo les escucharé, trataré de entenderlos, y actuar justamente. Creo firmamente que los niños merecen ser tratados con dignidad y respeto, independiente de la situación. Quisiera que ustedes estén cómodos de comunicarse conmigo con cualquier preguntas o preocupaciones. Se puede hablar directamente o por correo electrónico, una llamada o texto en el teléfono en cualquier momento; 801-425-7499). Por favor discuplen mis errores con el español. No he tenido mucha oportunidad de practicar en asignación actual, pero espero recuperar el lenguaje poco a poco.

Students with handmade blanket

First Grade Learns

Mrs. Burch’s 1st grade class has been learning about different communities around us. They learned about Primary Children’s Hospital. They learned it helps really sick children. They were treated to a ‘guest’ speaker on Zoom. The speaker taught them how blankets would be given to children discharged from the hospital. The class made blankets to donate. They learned about doctors and nurses and how they help the children to become well and go home to their families.

Teams Access Instructions

Instructions in English and Spanish for TEAMS access

TEAMS access Instructions Spanish
Teams Access Instructions English

Baking Utah

The 4th grade put learning into action with edible models of the state of Utah. They brought their base of Utah from home and made a topographical map with yummy edibles. Way to make learning fun!

Student with Utah Cake
Students with edible Utah
Students before activity
Cartoon germs

Our School’s Safety Plan

Below is our school’s safety plan for when school beings:

This plan correlates with the Big 5 from Davis School District, which are:

· Hygiene Etiquette

· Stay Home When Sick

· Cloth Face Mask

· Physical Distancing

· Clean and Disinfect

Start of the Day…

· Students eating breakfast will be seated within social distance of other students

· Students will have assigned locations to line up, with markings to support physical distancing.

· Teacher will escort students into the building through grade level assigned doors.

· Students should not be in the building, prior to the first bell, unless otherwise informed.

· Upon entering the building, students will put their belongings away and promptly wash their hands

In the Classroom…

· Teachers will arrange classrooms for physical distancing

· Teachers will wear masks within 6 feet of students.

· Students will wear masks when physical distancing is not possible.

· Students will be taught hand washing and physical distancing procedures.

· Teachers will gently remind students often about mask wearing and physical distancing.

· Students will use individual supplies as much as possible. When not possible, all shared materials will be sanitized.

· Classroom desks, tables, sinks, and other surfaces will be sanitized often.

· We will also have either a laptop or an i-Pad assigned to every student. These can go home with students for remote learning days if parents fill out the device agreement form in myDSD.


· Students will have two 10-minute recess and a 15-20-minute lunch recess per day.

· Teachers will escort students to and from recesses.

· Students will be encouraged to practice physical distancing as much as possible.

· Playground will be divided for use by grade levels and rotated throughout the week

· Students will line up, like the morning procedures, at the end of recess.

· Students will wash their hands upon entering the building/classroom.


· Lunchroom use will be spread out so that only two grade levels will be eating at a time.

· Students will wash their hands before going to lunch and use hand sanitizer upon entering the lunchroom.

· Students will be served as much pre-packaged food as possible.

· No self-serve or salad bars.

· Once seated, students will remain in their seats until they are finished eating.

· Students will be excused in an orderly fashion to go outside.

· Tables will be sanitized between grade levels.

Prep Classes…

· Prep classes will be held in individual classrooms to minimize the places students go during the day.

· PE will be held in the gym with physical distancing.

· Students will wash their hands before and after prep classes.

· Materials used during these classes will be sanitized regularly.

· Students will use their classroom devices for computer class.

· The librarian will adjust procedures to meet the Big 5 guidelines.

End of Day…

· Students will be escorted out of the building, by their teachers, to promote proper physical distancing.

· Students will be encouraged to continue wearing masks and physical distancing after school.

· Anyone waiting to pick up students after school should wait outside the building. Please follow physical distancing guidelines and wear a mask if around others.

After School Program/Assemblies/Fieldtrips…

· Assemblies and fieldtrips are on hold until further notice.

· The After-School program will continue for the school year with specific procedures that will be discussed once you are registered.


Send 'em or Tend 'em?

It is sometimes hard to know when to send your student to school or have them stay home. Below are some guidelines. If you think you or you student have been exposed to Covid-19, you and/or your child may need to be tested.

Chart of Symptoms