Principal Message

Summer Learning

I look at the summer break like getting a good night's sleep. Over the day, we may do a lot of different and important things, but we need to rest to be our best. Sleep gives us a chance to rejuvenate our minds and bodies for the next day. 

In the same way, summer break gives everyone a chance to reflect on the previous year and rest. Our kids need a break to play, relax, grow, and connect with family and friends, especially those they don't get to see as often during the school year. 

We encourage students to continue to read, talk about math concepts, get physical, think about science, and keep their minds active. However, they do this in a more relaxed way without the rigors of daily assignments. 

Parents and families, please reach out to me if you need help getting books for your kids or you need ideas to help your children keep their minds stimulated and growing. 

Look for more communication to come. Next year will be "magical," and we are excited to have our little Mustangs back. See you in August!